Burgundy Farm was founded in 1976 in the picturesque Maryland foothills of Mount Airy. Renowned farmer Pierre Gabriel, the owner, offers some of the greatest hay in the nation.
Pierre still runs the family farm, which his father owned for a long time. Pierre is kind, professional, and committed to his clients. Seven days a week, a large staff under Pierre’s management works hard to fulfill his demands.
We provide a high-quality product at a reasonable cost. Although we are not always the cheapest guys on the block, we excel in providing excellent  horse hay and trustworthy customer satisfaction. We provide square bales of alfafa, timothy brome hay, seasoned orchard grass, and mixed alfalfa. Our hay is of the highest caliber, Grade A. It is fertilized, irrigated, weed-free, and barn stored.  What sets our farm apart from others is that we store, sell and haul; our own hay.  We are a full service hay supplier. When you buy from us, rest assured that you are getting our hay produced with quality standards. We do have straw for your bedding purposes.
 Thank you so much and we look forward with supplying you some of our top quality hay.